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As owner of the company, Robert stays busy with business management tasks, marketing programs, and he even does development. Robert is proficient in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL for web development projects. He’s experienced in various content management systems. Regarding structured media, Robert is experienced with most mainstream audio and video hardware and software and has personally installed some awesome home and small business solutions. He’s also represented proVanceTek on a number of theatrical related projects. 


Andy is often referred to as "Master of Everything Badass. He is proficient in all things hands-on when it comes to fabrication and installation. There isn't a tool Andy hasn't handled and when something mechanical needs repaired, he's the guy to go to.


Hardworking is the reputation that precedes Owen. When it comes to getting miles of cable installed on a job-site, he's ahead of everyone else, climbing up ladders, into attics, and down holes in the floor. The dude is one of the hardest workers ever. 


The valedictorian of his high school class, and graduating with honors from The Ohio State University, Christian's expertise is in computer science, having coded cloud-based solutions for a variety of clients; but he still loves to put in hard work and get his hands dirty.


The kind of guy who loves to work a long hard honest days work, Josh was the top of his high school class, and graduated from Cornell University. Josh's wide breath of experience brings a unique perspective to a variety of projects that is invaluable.


Whether it is coding or data mining, Imrul is the man to call. Helping out on a wide variety of projects for proVanceTek, he has helped fix Wordpress CSS and code, and he has data mined thousands of contacts for client projects. The guy is a legit computer wiz!

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